Friday, February 18, 2005

Hola mi amigos!

The healing powers of mud!

Well, I'm back from the "restorative" spa. A place with no phones, TV, email, computers, meat, alcohol, carbs, sugar or transportation. However, being the resourceful woman that I am, I did pay my cabbie to go fetch me a bottle of rum and some tonic. He offered to bring back a slow-roasted "pollo" but I forgot to mention, no in-room fridges..The whole time, I obsessed about chicken, hamburgers, margaritas, French toast, candy, gum and Law and Order re-runs. I even missed the class blog.

However, I must grudgingly admit, the absence of all of those things forced me to "disconnect." And once the disconnect began, a sense of peace began to creep through the day and into the evening. The day began with a vigorous hike into the mountains where wildflowers bloomed and waterfalls cascaded over volcanic rock. From one ledge was a spectacular view of Mt. Tequila, which made me really really wish for a frozen margarita. After the hike, it was time for a yummy breakfast of eggs and fruit. Next came yoga, stretching and then lunch--salad and fruit. Afternoons included a massage or mud wrap and relaxing by the hotsprings fed pool, all while sipping water with a high concentration of--lithium. Hmmm, maybe that's where the restorative part came in.

After sundown, a delicious dinner of soup and salad and stewed fruit for dessert. The fresh squeezed lemonade made a nice mixer for the Mexican rum discretely stashed in my water bottle. I felt like an under-age college student sneaking into a bar.Following dinner was a lecture from one of the guest speakers. I learned about hypnotherapy, how to get back your power, how to heal yourself with a freaky little machine called Bio-resonance. "Bio-boy" had a very disturbing hairpiece, a lisp and a way of looking straight at me while I pretended to cough to cover up my uncontrollable laughter.

The good news, I feel healthier, calmer, lighter and restored. The bad news? I now have to write 2,000 words about the whole thing.
I hope you are coming along with your movie reviews and your Newsweek topics.
See you next Thursday!
Senora Carolina


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Justin McCoy said...

I hope whatever publication is requesting the 2,000 words lets you mention the alcohol-related stories. Funny ha ha. Something tells me you're not going to wait until Tuesday for 1/2 price margaritas at Pepito's. Congratulations on surviving.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Lauren Champlin said...

Sounds like a very interesting trip! Can't wait to read your piece on it. So far the Newsweek piece has been the most enjoyable but most difficult one to write.

At 7:16 AM, Blogger C G said...

Sounds like a cool place.
You're lucky they didn't check your breath for alcohol because the cabbie might have had some trouble finding Funyuns.
Did the crazy lady read your eyeballs?

At 8:19 AM, Blogger carolyn mason said...

She did. And she gave me a bag of herbs that I'm supposed to take to recover from eating processed, canned or otherwise unhealthy American food. I had a moment of panic when I was clearing customs...The drug dog was looking at my bag with a suspicious squint in his eyes. I may bring that baggie of potions to class for the winner of the best movie review!
Maybe Rachel can translate the labels for me.

Seriously though, she said it would take 7 years of eating food from the ground, to cure the toxins she saw in my eyeballs. Yikes.
Put it this way, I don't think what's in that baggie is found in the vending machines on campus. Or on the shelves at Manna Grocery.
I'll let ya know!

At 10:59 AM, Blogger C G said...

Oooo, detox herbs. I'll have to work a little harder on my movie review.
But seven years to detoxify? She probably saw all the rum flowing through your eyes! Just kidding...

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Emily Kornegay said...

Seven years to clean out your toxins? You dirty person, you! Seriously, in this case, I think ignorance is bliss. Too bad they kept you deprived of fruit. How soon after you got home did you eat a steak? Can't wait to read the piece.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger carolyn mason said...

Oh, there was fruit all right! Lots and lots of it. But none of that fruit cocktail from a can stuff....
Remember what I told ya'll about irony and how nobody gets it? Well, they gave one of the dogs a meat bone from town and I made a JOKE about how I might wrestle him to the ground for it. There was a shocked, I mean SHOCKED silence and one Britt said, "How pathetic."
Oooh, that stung. I don't FEEL pathetic. But ya know,,,it was a joke people, lighten up. I wouldn't really try to take the bone from the dog. (maybe later when nobody was looking.)
It's just that when you can't have something, you really really want it. Like diamonds or love or an A+ in this class...And when you finally do get it, it means a lot more than say, going to the Ponderosa...

At 12:02 AM, Blogger Justin McCoy said...

By the way, what exact negative effects result from these mysterious toxins? Is it just assumed that they are terrible and we should do our best to get rid of "them"?

Give me Pepsi or give me death.


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