Monday, March 14, 2005

Off to the Big Apple

Things I plan to do in New York City:
Run in Central Park
Visit Ground Zero
Buy a fake Kate Spade computer case
Say hello to Eloise at The Plaza
Go to a comedy club
Wander through Tiffany's
Wear all black
Buy an Allman Brother's T-shirt
Either win or lose the NEAL award.
Run into at least one celebrity
Try to get tickets to Letterman

This Sunday, T-news editor Ben Windham wrote a beautiful piece about my dear friend Tim Cooper. He never met Tim but read his blog and somehow, through the blog, captured the essence of Tim.

What's up with the SGA elections? Nick? Fill us in? And what about the Atlanta chick who talked down the courthouse murderer? She showed her steel magnolia roots. The NY media has been incredulous. I loved one interview where they asked her, "You cooked pancakes for him?"
Well sure sugah, and he surrendered didn't he?
She read to him from The Purpose Driven Life. Wow. And to think I re-gifted my copy.


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