Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's a brand Newt Day

I Newt it! Posted by Hello
Yes, that's really Newt Gingrich standing next to me at the Randall trucking symposium. Woo woo...he may run for president in 08. Or he may not. You heard it here first.
He spoke to about 400 trucking company executives, which was like preaching to the choir. He got a round of applause though when he said that he was proud to be working with Sen. Clinton on health care. Strange bedfellows indeed.
He was charming, personable and w/o the ego I was expecting. I have to admit though, considering his history of womanizing,,,I just didn't get it. In fact, just thinking about it is,,,ewwww...
But, I wanted the pic and Tommy Stevenson, T-News reporter snapped it for me. This goes on my office wall along side of me and W, me and Ollie North, me and Rick and Bubba.

Speaking of the office... Christine is the summer intern and works right across from me. I have to tell ya'll, she's been a great sport. Her boss, my editor, Randy Grider, gave her the all time worst ever first assignment. It's a health piece:: Truckers and Incontinence.
I hope she uses my suggestion for a headline, Gotta Go, Gotta Go,,
She said, completely deadpan, "I'm having a hard time writing the words, sphincter muscle."
That goes down in Randall Intern history!!! Hey, I never promised ya'll that journalism was always glamorous, oops, did I? If I did, sorry bout that.

Speaking of glamorous(no, this is not an example of good transistions) I'm going to Camp War Eagle this summer. Scary words, up there with sphincter muscle.

Christine lucked out though. Her second assignment (Randy Grider has a wicked evil sense of humor) is.... drum roll...
Truckers and Irregularity.

And ya'll think you want to write for newspapers?

Okay, here's one. I interviewed a trucker who owns three trucks, has two drivers who have driven for him for 20 and 30 years consecutively. One of his drivers told me, "I'd do anything short of killing a man, for my boss."

I've been mulling over that statement. I can't think of a boss I've ever felt like that about. Never. Ever.

Just a thought.

If any of ya'll want to send Christine your thoughts on Depends Diapers, you can email her at

Next assignment for me: write up the historical home story. write up the big rig re-do story and try to write an essay about the nest that is about to become half empty.

War damn Eagle,


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Joseph Dennis said...

Probably not the encouragement you are looking for, but it was during my Camp War Eagle experience that I first began considering a transfer to Tuscaloosa (I went to Auburn for a total of four school days). They really get into orientation over there! While you're there maybe you should take some notes on how the country's best football school does things and pass them on to Mal Moore.

-Joseph Dennis


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