Thursday, September 01, 2005

My List

Reasons that baseball is the worst sport ever.

-Someone is throwing a ball at you while you are holding a bat and you are supposed to hit the ball instead of the guy throwing it at you.

-The Senate spends more time on talking about the sport's steroid usage than doing something productive like, say, fixing social security, balancing the budget or rectifying the Iraq situation.

-Players wearing skin tight pants: is it really necessary?

-Umpires turn the word "your out' into a primative neanderthal grunt "uurroott!!!"

-Steriods are rampant in a none contact sport.

-In a game that is supposed to be Americas pastime most Americans can't even pronounce half of the players names.

-It is the only sport where players are allowed tobacco products on field and they don't do it any more.

-Bush was part owner of the Rangers.


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